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Goodbye Def Leppard
(I'll Miss Those Jeans)
Portable Magic:
The Authors First Anthology
Amy Gaer is a busy working wife and mother with young twin boys and a precocious teenage daughter. After returning home from a hectic day at work, Amy greets her children and carves out a few minutes to listen to her daughter sing. A delicate, silky melody fills the air, and Amy's mind drifts back more than twenty years to a time when everything changed for her… It's 1992. Grunge is on the rise. “Hair bands” are fading. Amy graduates from college and despite a talent for music, she's determined to chase the corporate ladder. Returning to rural Iowa for the summer to live at home with her parents, all her plans shift when Amy meets a local farmer named Nick. A romance blossoms and suddenly the previously banal landscape becomes beautiful. But settling into a life with Nick is far more complicated than she expected, and she is faced with decisions that will alter her life forever. GBDL is a lighthearted yet poignant tale about life, fate, and the difficult choices we make.
The 2014 AuthorsFirst writing contests brought submissions from a wide range of profound and wildly entertaining talent. From this group of nearly a thousand entrants, we have chosen seventeen works of short fiction that will dazzle the imagination and thrill the heart. What happens when the most remarkable woman you've ever met disappears for weeks at a time leaving only magic and mystery in her wake? What happens when a hostel worker slowly loses his sense of identity? What happens when a woman's reinvention leads her away from her husband and children? What happens when a veteran rocker meets the inspiration for one of his biggest hits – his long-estranged daughter? You'd be surprised. PORTABLE MAGIC is a rich anthology of rewarding stories from names you're going to want to remember.
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"A captivating tale about growing up, best suited for nostalgic members of Generation X."
                 Kirkus Review on Goodbye Def Leppard
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Stef Kramer writes a blog, short stories, and novels hued in an offbeat genre called feminist humor.  Her themes deal with the challenges of working, relationships, and the heavy-hitter of all matters: motherhood. She is inspired by a variety of writers including Elizabeth Gilbert, Nora Ephron, Khalid Hossein, Bill Bryson, Jeannette Walls, Markus Zusak and the crème de la crème, Tina Fey. Raised in small-town Iowa and educated at a cultural melting pot known as the University of Iowa, Stef brings the flavors of wit and sophistication to her writing.

Writing awards include: Honor Mention in Writer’s Digest Short Story competition, winner in Author’s First Short Story contest, runner-up in The Story Plant’s Novel contest. Blog has been featured in The Daily Nonpareil.
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